In order to reduce the workload of the main filter and achieve high-precision filtration. A device for separating sand and water using the principle of centrifugal force and gravity sedimentation. When the water flows from the inlet pipe into the equipment tangentially, a high-speed spiral motion is generated under the cylindrical wall to generate a great centrifugal force.


The axis of the inlet pipe is inclined 30 degrees with respect to the axis of the cylinder to enhance the downward rotation of the water flow

Lengthen the height of the cylinder, the design enhances the full deposition of sand in order to the sand-water separation more thorough

The sand bucket has a backflush baffle at the sand receiving port, and a quick-opening container cover is used to facilitate sand removal from the grit bucket.

Large grit bucket to reduce the frequency of cleaning and sanding

According to the different needs of customers, can customize much more pressure and other specifications of the size of the product


Item  No.                             Diameter of cylinder Inlet & outlet Size Treatment volume(m3/h) Recommended flow (m3/h) Separation minimum size L*W*H(mm)
DFS-L1-2 200 2" 30 10-40 0.018 1300*740*1630
DFS-L1-3 300 3" 39-55 10-40 0.03 1300*740*1630
DFS-L1-4 400 4" 70-102 30-90 0.031 1500*750*2030



Due to its small size, simple structure, large processing capacity, and easy installation and maintenance, it is generally used as a primary filter and installed before the main filter. It is suitable for agricultural water treatment, various types of small-flow industrial wastewater treatment, and high-turbidity river water oxidation. The separation of inorganic impurities such as tin, mud, and sand is significant.