As shown below, the controller is equipped with 1 LCD screen and 4 buttons. When the controller has no operation within 1 minute, the display will turn off. The controller will beep every 20 seconds. Press any button for a few seconds, the screen will reappear.


The screen contains several fields, some are editable and some cannot be edited; Press ENTER to enter edit mode. The cursor will flash under the character of the currently editable field. Whenever press ENTER again. The cursor under the next editable field starts flashing.

In edit mode, the “+” and “-” buttons can be used to change the value of the current edit field. Press ENTER again, which will determine the setting value of the current field. At the same time, the cursor points to the next editable field and begins to flash.
Once in edit mode, the user cannot return to the operation. You can only click the ENTER key multiple times until the cursor reaches the flushing time, the cursor will stop flashing.



Automatic backwash controller

There are DC and AC two types;
DC controller for 6V or 12V DC power supply, Control two-wire 12V DC latch type.  
The AC controller contains a built-in transformer and can use 110V or 220V input power
Provide AC output power for the electromagnetic head.