Pressure range: 0-10 bar (0-140 psi);

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C (140°F); Maximum liquid temperature: 60°C (140°F);

Base interface size: 1/8" BSP;

Filtration coefficient requirements: more than 80 mesh;

AC (direct) current type solenoid controller: voltage: 24V(minimum 18V, maximum 28V); Open current:90 mA; Holding current: 75 mA;

DC Latch type solenoid controller: voltage: 12-40V; Pulse width: minimum 80ms, maximum 500ms.

The solenoid controller has two control lines, red and black. In DC and DC Latch power supply, red is connected to the positive stage, black is connected to the negative pole; With AC power, there is no difference between positive and negative.


models (awg) Dia (mm) Sectional Area (mm2) Maximum distance of the AC(m) Maximum distance of the DC(m)
24 0.5 0.2 600  
20 0.8 0.5 1250 150
18 1.0 0.8 2000  
17 1.1 1.0 2500 240
16 1.3 1.3 3500  
15 1.4 1.5 5000 380


Solenoid Controller For Sprinkler Valve

The solenoid controller can run reliably in all kinds of irrigation automatic control systems and match with all kinds of controllers;
Two main components: waterproof part; Three-way water flow base; 
With manual knob switch, optional close-auto-open three modes; 
Low energy consumption, can ensure the control cable's long-distance laying; 
There are two modes of ac (direct) current two-in-one power supply and DCLatch power supply;